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Last Minute Workday, 9am, Sunday

Please come out and help re-plant the stolen knockout roses tomorrow morning at 9am.

Mike Motta found 5 inexpensive rose plants that we will plant. Along with the plants, curb edging will also be installed. Any and all help is appreciated!



Plant Theft at N Polk St Beautification Project

Last night, after the remainder of our mulch had just been put into place, a plant theif stole 3 brand new Knock Out roses out of the ground. These were newly planted two weeks ago by neighbors and friends of the project.

We knew we were taking a risk putting landscaping in, however with this project being so visible along a major street we figured people would have to be pretty desperate to do something as steel from the community.

Our hope is that they are recovered or a donor is willing to help us replace the $75 we’ve lost. Any information one may have please email jrbraddick@gmail.com


Need Newspaper, Help; Saturday, 9 am

We need newspaper to lay down under our weed blocker to help stop the grass from growing. Come out to help at 9 am to 620 Turner Ave to drop off and stay to help us finish the project!

Ground breaking and work day scheduled for N. Polk St Beautification Project

N. Polk St. Beautification Project Ground Breaking Apr 30th at 10am

Phase I: 620 Turner Ave

A ground breaking ceremony for the N. Polk Street Beautification Project will occur on Saturday, April 30th at 10am.  Neighbors, donors, business owners, and city representatives are invited to join us for this ceremony.   Donuts and coffee will be provided at the ceremony.   Meet at 620 Turner Ave, a triangle median, at the intersection of N. Polk St and Turner Ave, just north of Kings Highway.

N. Polk St. Beautification Project – First Working Day Apr 30th  at 10:30am

Following the groundbreaking ceremony, volunteers will begin their first garden workday, prepping the beds by removing the top layer of grass, tilling the soil, and adding soil and soil amendments.  Please bring gloves and shovels/rakes if you have them.  Drinking water will be provided. If you are interested in helping on this or future N. Polk Beautification workdays, please sign up here.  Meet at 620 Turner Ave, a triangle median, at the intersection of N. Polk St and Turner Ave, just north of Kings Highway.