N. Polk St Beautification Project

An image detailing public green spaces along N. Polk St from Canty to Kings Highway


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Scope:A collaborative project between Turner Winston Block and the Kings Highway Conservation District to beautify green spaces along the N. Polk St corridor between Canty St. and Kings Highway in Oak Cliff.

A phased master plan is being formulated that will include adding xeroscaping plantings, irrigation, park features, local outdoor art, signage, and public meeting spaces.

Area: See an online map of the area and identified public spaces.

Funding: The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League and Kings Highway will be contributing funds over the life span of the 3-5 year project, along with contributions from surrounding businesses and residents.

Time line:  Phase I:  January – April 2011, Phase I Design Plan:  Turner Ave and N. Polk St Triangle; 3-5 year projected total completion.  Planning for the remaining phases will happen annually by  the Kings Highway residents and others important stakeholders.

Contact: For further information please email Vice President of Kings Highway and Turner Winston Block Captain, Jonathan Braddick or Kings Highway President Paul Zubiate for more details.

Volunteer:  If you’re interested in volunteering, submit your contact information here!