From pop up dog park back to dump

Final Update 4:07 pm 07-27-11: As of earlier today, the litter has been removed from the lot and a code enforcement officer has been assigned to monitor the area for any signs of future dumping.  The wheels at city hall aren’t as squeaky as you might think when our Councilman and his reps are as responsive to these types of issues as ours is here in District 3.  I was told 30 -45 days between mowing cycles.  That’s twice the amount of time allotted for the MOWmentum program, but something tells me they don’t enforce that if the city can’t keep up it’s mowing obligations.  Our response will be to adopt more of the land so as to remove the burden from the city.  If we all do our small part, we can help in big ways!  Thanks Steve Schenck and the rest of the city staffers!

Update #2 4:45pm:  I received a call from Councilman Scott Griggs’ office representative a few minutes ago to find out more about our situation.  Very happy to know he is responding to the citizenry’s needs.  Hope to have the litter picked up soon and looking forward to getting more consistent mowing from the city.

Update #1 11:15 am:  The site has been mowed as of 11:00 am this morning; 07/26/2011.  Not sure by whom, but most likely a private citizen as we’ve asked before when mowing crews have been at this lot.  The litter is still there and a 311 request has been made to pick it up.  We’ll see how long it takes for the city to respond.  I’ve been told it’s usually pretty quick when it comes to litter.

Also, I want to clarify what is meant by the “city needs to be a consistent partner”.  We need consistent mowing in this corridor.  According to the MOWmentum program guidelines, we’re to make sure mowing is done at least every 14 days.  Sometimes, these other lots don’t get mowed until 311 is call, which can be 28 to 35 days between mows.  In that time, grass easily exceeds 12″ in length and the litter keeps coming back!  If the city requires us to do this, we require the same from the city.

In only a matter of two months can a city owned vacant lot go from a novel pop up dog park back to being a dumping ground for the lowliest people’s trash. Dumping has always plagued this area of N Polk St from Canty to Kings Highway. That’s why we started the N Polk St Beautification project to clean it up to give it purpose.
We made an agreement with the city to adopt the land, starting with one at 620 Turner Ave, and bring purpose back to it. We’ve accomplished that goal and are making plans for the next piece, but the city needs to be a consistent partner in this revival. The picture below shows what that pop up dog park looks like this evening.



4 responses to “From pop up dog park back to dump

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  2. Oak Cliff Townie

    I live in a corner house in the Westmoreland & Ft Worth Ave area .It is an everyday chore to keep the litter and refuse off the parkway. which as the property owner I am responsible for . At least its been a while since I have reported a burned out stolen vehicle.
    Sorry to see your good work get trashed
    Good luck with keeping the property clean.

  3. Man I feel for you! At least if the trash is yours it’s one thing, but having to clean up others litter on your property, now that’s a pain!
    We’ve found if the area is landscaped and kept, people have been less likely to litter. Keep strong!

  4. That’s the neatest trash pile I’ve seen in OC in awhile!

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