A kind donation from a generous neighbor!

When we discovered that 3 newly planted Knockout roses had been stolen from the first planting phase of the N. Polk St Beautification Project, neighbors were disheartened by the news.  It had taken a year to get to where we were, and for someone to callously and selfishly steal what we had sweated and toiled over, made us feel angry and upset.

However, as I’ve seen countless times in our wonderful community of Oak Cliff, you wait a day and kindness is always just around the corner!  Kings Highway residents Jenn and Josh Terry stepped up and donated the cost of the lost plants after hearing about the bad news.  Through an email Josh said:

“Jenn and I just got through landscaping our own yard over the past few weeks (with several knockout roses ourselves), and couldn’t imagine how frustrated we would be if the same happened to us.”

From all of the residents of Kings Highway, we wanted to thank the Terry’s for their generosity.  Look for those roses to be put back into the triangle very soon!


One response to “A kind donation from a generous neighbor!

  1. Thank you, Terry’s!

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