Rash of Block Burglaries Hit the 600 Block of Turner Ave

Within the past month, three properties on Turner Ave have been burglarized and all might possibly be connected.  623, 627, and 631 Turner have all been targeted, most recently 623 Turner was hit between 2-3pm when no one was home yesterday afternoon.  The place was ransacked and several things were carted out including electronic equipment and other valuables.

We need to stay very alert and diligent to help our neighbors keep their homes safe and secure.  If you see someone you don’t know that may be acting suspicious or if you see a young adult walking around the area during school hours, talk to them directly and call the police.  If it’s an emergency, please call 911.  Truancy is a crime and needs to be reported.  In the cases above, the suspects are most likely school age and possibly on “cheese.” Also, if you need someone to inform, please don’t hesitate to knock on my door at 635 Turner. I’m home during the day and will help out.

We will be hosting a crime watch block meeting in the coming weeks to discuss more ways we can keep our block safe and secure, so please stay tuned to more information.  If you have questions or comments, please reply to this posting or email jrbraddick@gmail.com


Jonathan Braddick

TWB President


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