Better Block Beautification Project #1

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What an overall successful morning our neighbors had at the first Block
Beautification Project: Cleaning up Turner/Polk Alley Intersection!

If you haven’t seen it already, 6 volunteers came out Saturday, April  17th from
8-10:30am to clean up a much overgrown, littered and neglected piece of adjacent
property within our block. Tree’s and bushes were trimmed, decaying leaves were
mulched and put back into the natural beddings, trash was picked up and thrown
away and several pounds of clippings were produced to make the section of
sidewalk and alley a very inviting and natural gateway into the Tyler/Davis

The TWB group will continue these beautification projects through the cities
MOWmentum program. We are going to adopt several adjacent pieces of public
property and create natural landscaping from empty medians, triangles and empty
plots. More to come on these exciting changes to Turner Winston Block!

The biggest thanks go to Anna, Rosalva, Lupita, Horberto, Victor, and Jonathan
for helping to complete this project. Also, special thanks goes to Rosalva for
donating several bugonia plantings that we put under one of the oak trees in the
southern triangle towards Kings Hwy!

We will need more participation and donations if we are to create future
beautification projects, so please contact Jonathan for details.

TWB Group


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